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Welcome to Roller Canaries by Paul. If you have any questions while viewing this web site please feel free to contact us by E-Mail or by phone. We will make every effort to give you an answer and if unable to answer your question will try to refer you to someone who will be able to furnish the information you are seeking.

Please review all the pages and, hopefully, you will find something of interest to you.

Roller Canaries with excellent backgrounds will be available for shipping in the late fall or winter usually from the middle of November until the middle of January. Please make contact during that time to check availability or you may contact me earlier to make a reservation for birds.


Call Roller Canaries By Paul at (503) 357-7253 today!


To View a Good Roller Performing click HERE Note that the email address at the end of the movie should be instead of


The above movie requires either the Microsoft Windows Media Player which may be downloaded free by clicking HERE  or the Real One Player which may be downloaded free by clicking HERE.

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